Empowering efficiency – so you don’t have to.

Has your business been struggling with how to overcome various issues with your contracting processes? Work not getting done because there are too many contract requests in your legal department? Not a problem!  Document automation is used to simplify tasks and gain efficiency throughout the many contracting processes of your business.  With tools such as digital signatures and real time charts, we empower efficiency across the board.

From automatic contract generation, to parallel approval routing, we develop a custom portfolio of software capabilities unique to your business and how it operates.  Reduce the burden on legal, IT, and operations groups with the help of Document Automation Experts. Our approach is scalable so you don’t need to worry about getting bogged down in IT or how you will maintain client satisfaction, we handle as much or as little as you want!

We work exclusively with ContractExpress – the industry standard by Thomson Reuters


Automated Contracts

Your business clients generate legal pre-approved contracts by simply answering questions in a questionnaire.

Electronic Signatures

Automatically forward contracts for signatures from both your signing authorities and the other party – no more sign, scan, and send!

Approval Routing

Contract requests are automatically routed for approvals based on parameters you set – and they even happen in parallel!

Simple Authoring

No programming knowledge required! Create and update your automated templates directly in Microsoft Word – or have us do it for you!

Project Management

Connect your automated contracts to enhanced project management tools – from risk visualization to task delegation – integrate across your entire enterprise!

Automated Metrics

Real-time metrics, charts, and reports, providing you aerial views of your business performance!


From start to finish – anything and everything for automated documents!

Enterprise Deployment

We take a holistic view of your enterprise’s contracting processes to learn the overall architecture of your business.  Then, we create a portfolio of software products that’s unique to the way your business runs.  From there, we build the system, automate your contracts, and roll out to your target audience.

Support Outsourcing

While ContractExpress is a simple and intuitive program designed for use by attorneys (we can train you!) many organizations simply do not have the time or resources to manage such projects over the long term.  From making updates to your automated contracts as policies and laws change, to adjusting work flows as departments reorganize, we can handle it all.  We scale your outsourced support to provide as much or as little as you want!


Since ContractExpress does not require any programming knowledge, we can train your attorneys or contract admins to maintain and update automatic templates themselves!  Ensure all your documents across the organization are current and compliant.

Document Automation Experts Infographic
Document Automation Experts Infographic

“We live in a time when automation is ushering in a second industrial revolution”

Adlai Stevenson