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A History of Solutions

Instead of simply installing automation software onto a computer and walking away, we implement on a higher level and provide more services, thus improving the speed of implementation and bypassing the internal corporate policies and procedures that could otherwise serve as a roadblock.

Learn about the substantial improvements that we can make within an organization through contract and document automation by contacting us today. We offer a free consultation to discuss the individual needs.

Document Automation Experts was started as a way to help large corporations save time and money. Efficiencies can be obtained through new and automated technologies that require less from the legal and IT departments.

Services have been carefully chosen based upon where the most efficiency is lost throughout the contract management process. Revolutionary software is used to quickly create electronic contracts. The system then allows for document automation and management, electronic signatures, as well as an approval routing system. This adds security to the overall contract process in addition to efficiency.

A Portfolio of Products for Your Unique Needs

Our goal is improve the way a corporation deals with projects and contracts. This is why we also offer project management tools that are integrated into our system. Developmental workflows can help with the contracting procedures. Further, reporting in real time charts and graphs can be utilized to obtain key business performance metrics. As clients require and desire, our reports can be customized to report on the performance indicators and variables that matter most.

We strive to do our best when it comes to customizing a system that meets the needs of our clients. We take the time to listen to the needs of a corporation.