Document automation is a system that works by separating the user from the original document template, and instead asking a series of questions about the transaction, contract, or document itself. Users are able to generate an assortment of fully branded documents and can save hours by reducing time spent drafting, avoiding language errors, and increasing efficiency by getting documents out to the appropriate parties more rapidly.

When using a document automation system, the user first completes a questionnaire, which is customized to the document template containing the relevant information. Within seconds, the system will populate a Microsoft Word document to produce a completely drafted and fully branded document—ready for review.

The Most Common Culprits

Inefficient processes and paperwork overload represent the two most common culprits of wasted time in law firms. Manually drafting legal documents can be exceedingly time consuming and prone to human error. Document automation systems allow you to accelerate the delivery of these documents, while also ensuring accuracy and consistency within the documents.

Just How Much Time Are You Wasting?

With document automation, you are capable of increasing efficiency in these areas and getting documents out the door quicker than ever before. In the past, such a task would have consumed multiple hours of your work week—in fact, lawyers waste more than six hours per week on document management issues.

Value the Time that You Save

For far too long, traditional methods for drafting documents have come at the expense of an error-prone process accepted by the legal sector. For legal professionals, any amount of time salvaged should be looked at as a significant advantage to the firm as well as its clients. By eliminating the long list of concerns that come with drafting legal documents, law firms and attorneys are able to cut back on the billable hours they spend on administration. As a result, they are free to focus on more important—and profitable—aspects of their job, all while passing on savings to their clients and increasing client satisfaction.

Although some of your firm’s “wasted” hours are unable to be trimmed, the majority of this time can be reduced or eliminated by implementing a document automation system. By embracing this technology solution, your firm can eliminate wasted time, improve its efficiency and productivity, and provide a better client experience.

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