Contract drafting automation is a common application of document automation software. By using a contract drafting automation process, business and legal users are able to generate documents by filling out dynamic, web-based forms—also called questionnaires—created automatically from your templates. Having completed the questionnaires, a user can directly generate a transaction-ready contract, as well as all collateral documents (both Word documents and PDF forms).

Contract drafting automation is a seamless process, but that is just one of its many features.

Everything in One Place

Dashboards provide users with an effortless way to track all of their work in progress. Users can generate new contracts, monitor the status of pending approvals, or download their approved/pre-approved contracts for signature.

Creating Contracts Has Never Been Easier

Contract drafting automation presents users with an intuitive self-service questionnaire. By dynamically walking users through the logic behind each question, accurate responses are ensured.

Automatic Alerts

Users are automatically alerted when approval is required as a result of their input. And approvals aren’t restricted to only one team—sequential workflows permit multiple teams to have approval rights.

Getting the Green Light

Once a contract has been approved, the business user that requested the contract is notified via email. The user can then download the protected PDF version from their dashboard and send it off for signature.

Now that you know the benefits, you probably have questions about which contract drafting automation solution is the best fit for you. Acquired by Thomson Reuters in 2015, Contract Express helps law firms retain key clients, win new clients, and increase partner profitability. Law firms also use Contract Express to reduce unrecoverable hours and increase fee earner efficiency in order to engage in sustainable and profitable alternative billing arrangements. Their intuitive and patented template automation tool, Contract Express Author, enables lawyers to quickly automate and update even the most complex legal documents—without the need for programmers. Contract Express is available both on-premise and in the Cloud.

By implementing contract drafting automation—like Contract Express—you are able to considerably reduce the time it takes to create new iterations of a contract and collateral closing documents for new cases or transactions. By reducing the time it takes to generate contracts and collateral, you also drive down the expense of closing deals. Perhaps most importantly, by employing contract drafting automation, you reduce—and in many cases, practically eliminate—human error and, thus, considerably improve the quality of your documents.

Get in touch with our consultants today and request a free trial of Contract Express. We’re confident that you’ll quickly appreciate the benefits of employing our consultation services to ensure a successful ROI on your contract drafting automation investment.

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