We take a holistic view of your enterprise's contracting processes to learn the overall architecture of your business. Then, we create a portfolio of software products that's unique to the way your business runs. From there, we build the system, automate your contracts, and roll out to your target audience.


While ContractExpress is a simple and intuitive program designed for use by attorneys (we can train you!) many organizations simply do not have the time or resources to manage such projects over the long term. From making updates to your automated contracts as policies and laws change, to adjusting work flows as departments reorganize, we can handle it all. We scale your outsourced support to provide as much or as little as you want!


What's the best way to roll out? All at once, or gradually expand the user base? What are the costs and technologies involved? What else can these systems do? Can you help me make a business case for the investment? Yes and more! We are here to listen to your questions and make recommendations on your strategic goals, all with unmatched industry expertise.


If your organization wants to deploy their document automation system on an external server, such as Microsoft Azure, we can help! We build your server environment and maintain updates for you all behind the scenes. We work with your IT department to build secure connections in compliance with your firewall and other standards.


Since ContractExpress does not require any programming knowledge, we can train your attorneys or contract admins to maintain and update automatic templates themselves! Ensure all your documents across the organization are current and compliant.


Large corporations have many existing hardware and software products in use already. IT departments also have tough policies related to what products can be used and how they must be deployed. Whether you need a managed external server, integration with your SSO systems, or anything else, we work with your IT partners to ensure a successful and compliant document automation system.


The critical first step for the roll out of a document automation system is to analyze the current architecture of your contracting processes. We map approval routes, plan automatic processes, discover opportunities for efficiency - all to determine which software products you'll need in your portfolio and how we configure those applications to reach your desired satisfaction.


From researching your existing internal processes, to building your server and long term maintenance, we handle everything to ensure your document automation project's success. Expertise in many areas, including server build outs, architecture planning, and template creation, provides the support you need to automate your enterprise.

Portfolio Development

Let us analyze your unique business processes and identify a portfolio of software products custom tailored to your needs. No more waiting for IT to build software in house, chances are what you need is already available in the market, ready for you to use! From routing, to time tracking, to knowledge base creation, we can find it all - and set it up for you!