Automatic Contracts

Your business clients generate legal pre-approved contracts by simply answering questions in a questionnaire.

Electronic Signatures

Automatically forward contracts for signatures from both your signing authorities and the other party – no more sign, scan, and send!

Approval Routing

Contract requests are automatically routed for approvals based on parameters you set – and they even happen in parallel!

Authoring Tool

No programming knowledge required! Create and update your automated templates directly in Microsoft Word – or have us do it for you!

Automated Metrics

Real-time metrics, charts, and reports, providing you aerial views of your business performance!

Project Management

Connect your automated contracts to enhanced project management tools – from risk visualization to task delegation – integrate across your entire enterprise!

Document Management

Total electronic document management and completely automated!  Fully executed agreements are automatically organized and filed in a document repository.  Easily search for particular documents and filter by variables.

ContractExpress Negotiator

This Word add-in integrates seamlessly with your SharePoint deployment to facilitate the sharing, collaborating and negotiating of contracts produced with ContractExpress. It provides a safe and easy way to compare documents received from the counterparty, even when Track Changes are disabled, and view CRM metadata associated with the contract record.

SalesForce Integration

Seamlessly integrate your contract automation with your SalesForce operation.  Complete the cycle with customer relationship management connected directly with their contractual relationships.

At Document Automation Experts, we offer a wide range of services designed to help with contract automation and document management. Ultimately, our goal is to work with you on contract lifecycle management – and there is help from innovative technology from start to finish. This can lead to more efficiency and allow you to get more work done – all by removing the human component.

The entire system is customized to the needs of your individual business. It is scalable, ranging from simple letters to in-depth legal contracts. Our goal is to provide template authoring at a new level in order to make fixed fee legal services more affordable and reduce the overall labor spent in IT and legal departments when it comes to contract processes.

IT specialists don’t have to spend time with maintaining the system because that is what we do. This provides a better return on investment and ensures you have long-term viability within the document automation system.

Find out more about how our services are able to help you by contacting us today!