Chosen as a key component of SharePoint deployment for some of the world’s most well known brands, Bamboo Solutions has partnered with more than 8,000 organizations in nearly 80 countries worldwide. As the leading provider of SharePoint software solutions, Bamboo provides innovative products for the management of applications, processes, data, and users on the SharePoint platform.

ContractExpress, on the other hand, helps law firms preserve key clients, win new clients, and enhance partner profitability. Law firms also use ContractExpress to trim down unrecoverable hours and increase fee earner efficiency in order to engage in sustainable and profitable alternative billing arrangements. By implementing ContractExpress you are able to considerably shrink the time it takes to create new iterations of a contract and collateral closing documents for new cases or transactions.

Bamboo Solutions and ContractExpress can both provide great benefits in a standalone environment; however, implementing Bamboo’s products on a ContractExpress installation can lead to huge advantages for users. Over the next few weeks, as part of a three-part series, a different Bamboo product and the advantages of integrating it with ContractExpress will be discussed.

Project Management Central

Bamboo Solutions’ Project Management Central, the powerful and flexible project management software for SharePoint, can help you plan, collaborate, deliver, and standardize better than ever. Project Management Central’s benefits, when coupled with a ContractExpress installation, become even more apparent. Managing projects with Project Management Central’s powerful set of tools—in the exact same location where ContractExpress will generate the contracts associated with those projects—can afford you benefits such as:

Smart Collaboration

  • Built-in tools that help eliminate communication barriers make it easier than ever for your project team to stay connected. Project Management Central’s centralized project artifacts ensure that everyone knows where to find what they need—leading to improved performance and efficiency.
  • Send messages to other users and share documents, keeping your entire team in the loop and focused on the same goal.
  • Improve your team’s accountability with PM Central’s “My Summary” feature. These displays show only assigned tasks, issues, and risks—which can be updated on a project-by-project basis.
  • Automatic email notifications guarantee that no deadlines will get overlooked, by alerting you via email of an approaching or overdue deadline.

Track Results

  • With PM Central’s KPI dashboards, your project’s health is available at a glance via dynamically updated displays.
  • With automated reporting features, you can effortlessly see the information you need to understand your portfolio’s performance.
  • All results and project information is easily accessible from a centralized location.

A Better Way to Work

  • Leveraging PM Central’s robust scheduling tools allows you to easily plan your contracts for on-time delivery.
  • Build efficiencies, encourage productivity across your team, and ensure that every project is a success.
  • Using templates that enforce a consistent approach to planning, you can easily launch your projects and deliver them in alignment with best practices.

Contact one of our expert consultants today to find out how Bamboo Solutions’ Project Management Central—in addition to ContractExpress—can ensure that your projects are completed on time, every time, from a centralized workspace.

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