During Part 1 of the three-part series outlining how Bamboo products can be advantageous when implemented with ContractExpress, we brought to light the many benefits of Bamboo Solutions’ Project Management Central. Part 2 will illuminate the advantages of Workflow Conductor, which can significantly improve your contract management lifecycle—using SharePoint workflows to accomplish various tasks.

Workflow Conductor

Bamboo Solutions’ Workflow Conductor application, a simple approach to workflow creation, can streamline how your critical business operations are automated in SharePoint. Like other Bamboo Solutions’ applications, when integrated with a ContractExpress installation, Workflow Conductor can prove even more beneficial for your firm. Using this powerful combination, you can create the following workflows, affording dividends throughout your contract lifecycle:

Contract Approval Workflow

Whenever a new contract is submitted, an individual or group will need to approve or request changes to the contract before it is signed. With Workflow Conductor, you can easily manage this process by notifying each contributor simultaneously, or only when their input is required.

Contract Expiration Workflow

If a contract is expiring, or has a set date for termination, you will want to create a specific process or workflow. With Bamboo Solutions’ Workflow Conductor, you will be able to notify the individuals who may need to contact the client or vendor, revoke access, or issue a final payment—tracking the status of each step throughout the process. If the contract that is soon to be expired needs renewed, Workflow Conductor allows you to create a simple workflow to notify the appropriate individuals or groups that the contract will need to be renewed.

Contract Archiving Workflow

Usually, once a contract expires or is terminated, your work doesn’t stop there. With Workflow Conductor, it can. The application can put workflows in place for expired or soon-to-be-terminated contracts, removing them as active documents and placing them in your archives.

With Bamboo Solutions’ Workflow Conductor, you can truly unlock your full business potential. The application can help any type of business by automating human business processes, easily replicating complex logic, and reliably and quickly reporting business results—all by seamlessly integrating with SharePoint. For law firms, when integrated with the powerful Contract Express contract automation software, the Workflow Conductor application can take their contract management processes to new levels.

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