In Part 2 of the three-part series we discussed the advantages of Workflow Conductor, which can significantly improve your contract management lifecycle—using SharePoint workflows to accomplish various tasks. This, of course, followed Part 1, which defined the advantages of Project Management Central when integrated with ContractExpress.

In Part 3, we will thrash out how Bamboo’s Knowledge Base application can improve your firm’s compliance and user experience by storing various forms of knowledge—wikis, policies, help articles, FAQs, and more—in an easy to search and digest repository. Working from a familiar SharePoint environment, your team and your customers will become self-sufficient, finding what they need faster and cutting back on admin requests and costs.

Seamlessly View, Edit, and Share All Knowledge

In the legal world, compliance is paramount. And compliance becomes much simpler when all the information is in one place. With Knowledge Base, you are able to print and PDF exports that comprise all content—even down to including related articles, links and tabs, and email article functionality. You will also have the option of viewing quickly in a pop-up window or in full-screen view.

Knowledge Creation and Organization Made Simple

It’s one thing to be able to view all knowledge from one central location—it’s even more beneficial when the knowledge has templates that can be saved and loaded when creating new knowledge. Bamboo Knowledge Base’s “Sticky” feature allows you to elect certain articles to take priority in list views, “sticking” them in the preferential position on your list, and making the most commonly asked questions effortless to find.

Navigate and Search Your Knowledge More Efficiently

Using Knowledge Base’s “Search All Articles” bar, you are able to conduct quick searches across titles and text. To further enhance efficiency and time-savings during the search and navigation of your knowledge, the “Breadcrumb” feature shows you each parent category of any category that you are in and allows you to click straight through.

With Bamboo Solutions’ Knowledge Base application, firms that need to share knowledge, both internally and with their clients, will benefit from increased compliance and strengthened customer service. Using your existing SharePoint portal, you will be able to quickly and easily create, organize, control, and share all the important knowledge in your organization—leading to time savings, reduced cost, and enhanced compliance. To learn more about how the centralized SharePoint knowledge base can enable you and your team to find what you need faster and reduce unneeded admin requests and costs, contact one of our expert consultants.

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